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sigh_ren 06-13-2005 06:50 PM

gaim install issues
i'm trying to install gaim, and i'm getting dependancy errors?
i have a vague idea what that means but i have no idea how i should go and fix it
when i try to install gaim using rpm -i gaimblabblah.rpm

i get

warning: gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2.i386.rpm: V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID a9464aa9
error: Failed dependencies: is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2 is needed by gaim-1.3.1-0.fc2

rkettle 06-13-2005 07:20 PM

have not used yast or suse for a while but you need the dependencies so you need to install some packages, looking at the list what stands out are


install these first... or all together... as I say, have not use suse for years so cannot recall the install commands... but hope it helps anyway.


slackwarebilly 06-13-2005 09:06 PM

Help as much as I can
rkettle is right, you need to install some other packages. A dependency is something that a program needs to run, it depends on it. You need all of them when you are using rpm based distros. Whatever the person who made the package compiled it with, your gonna need. Try getting the rpms for the stuff on the list (google is your friend), these dependencies may have other dependencies. You may then be experiencing what is called "dependency hell". If getting ALL of the other packages fails and you are frustrated out of your mind (I hope this doesn't happen) try to compile it from source or use the package thing.

At go to where it says "autopackage". If you have hi-speed internet this should work alright for you. If you have KDE navigate to the area where you downloaded the file, right click>actions>open terminal here. If otherwise open a terminal(the Konsole) and type "ls". this should tell you what is in the folder you are in. Typing "cd [directory]" {[directory being the name of the directory(i.e. /home)]} will get you moving around in various folders. to go up a level when navigating in the console type "cd .." . Don't be afraid of the console, you'll love it once you get to know it. When you've made your way to the folder type "sh gaim-1.3.1.x86.package" or whatever the name of the package is. It should do most of the stuff automatically from there. (type "gaim" in the Konsole to run it) If that doesn't work, you can do what we do in Slackware all of the time... Compile from source!!!

Download the source "gaim-1.3.1.tar.bz2" from sourceforge and extract it using your favorite archiver (i.e. unzip, untar, Ark). Once again navigate to the folder that the extracted file is in. Open a terminal there. Type "./configure" . This could take awhile. It is "compiling" or custom building the program for your system, first in configure, by finding out what is in your computer. If you've come this far congrats! If you enjoy this try Slackware. Sorry is the RPMs didn't work, though. Once the configure is done type "make" . This will take a long time. (this is where it actually builds it) Once make is done type "make install" . This could take awhile. Once that is done you are ready to use gaim. (once again, type "gaim" in the Konsole to run it)

If none of that worked, you may need to install GTK+ wxwidgets C compiler

Hope this helped and I hope you never had to go to step three. Sorry For the
long-windedness and good luck!!!

If you need help with stuff just post back with some IM info and I'll try to guide you through it sometime.

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