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hildog 09-26-2003 04:25 PM

gaim browser / default browser question
I just started using gaim, and have been using the Mozilla Firebird browser as much as possible...however when I receive links in an instant message, it always opens them using the Mozilla browser. When I look in the gaim preferences, it allows me to specify either Mozilla, Konqueror, or Manual...if I select Manual, I have to enter something in the box below which says something to the effect of:

Manual: htmlview %s
(%s for URL)

I would like to 1) change this gaim preference to use Firebird instead of Mozilla and 2) find out if there is a way to globally make Firebird the default that, for example, links from emails in Evolution when I open are opened in Firebird, and when I use the Run command to open URLs they are also opened in Firebird.

Thymox 10-03-2003 08:04 AM

I do not believe that there is a 'use browser X as my default browser for everything', however, you could try cheating! If you find out where the mozilla executable it (/usr/local/bin perhaps?), and (as root) rename it to something else, and then make a symlink between your chosen browser and 'mozilla' then there is a chance that you can bypass having to customise all your apps to use firebird - they'll do it automatically thinking that it is Mozilla!

$su root enter root's password
#whereis mozilla
#cd wherever the above command says mozilla is
#mv mozilla mozilla.old
#whereis firebird
#ln -s wherever the above command says firebird is mozilla

Baldrick65 10-03-2003 09:17 AM


links from emails in Evolution when I open are opened in Firebird
OK, here's the deal to make this happen.

You need to edit the .gnome/Gnome file to change this behaviour. Here is my Gnome file:


[URL Handlers]
http-show=/usr/bin/mozfb "%s"

mozfb is a shell script to open Firebird, and if it's already open, it opens a new tab in the existing window. This is the script I use:


/usr/local/MozillaFirebird061/MozillaFirebird -remote "openURL($@, new-tab)" ||
exec /usr/local/MozillaFirebird061/MozillaFirebird "$@";

Modify to your heart's content :D


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