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johnpaulodonnell 11-28-2006 07:30 AM

g77 installation

Running Suse 10.1 on an x86_64 machine. I have installed the gcc package plus libraries (version 4.1.0) via the YAST facility of Suse - all is well here, the c & c++ compilers doing what they should.

But now I need the g77 compiler and have just discovered that this is no longer supported as of gcc 4.0.

I'm attempting to install the LAPACK package (lapack 3.1.0) and make is hanging when I use the intel fortran compiler - ifort (IFORT) 9.0 20051201 - but I've read that using the g77 compiler may resolve this...

Is this going to be a matter of uninstalling the entire gcc 4.1.0 package and installing a version prior to 4.0 in it's place? Or is there a simpler way? Can I just install the g77 compiler separately from the whole gcc package and if so does anyone know how to go about this? I've downloaded what I thought was the g77 compiler gcc-g77-3.4.6.tar.gz from a GNU GCC mirror site:

but there is no makefile and so on....or maybe I just don't understand what is there!

Thanks for any help.

vharishankar 11-28-2006 11:06 AM

Look for gfortran instead of g77

johnpaulodonnell 11-28-2006 11:18 AM

yeah, have done so. gfortran seemingly not part of Suse distribution either. But not to worry. I've picked up a g77 binary that's working so that will do.

Thanks anyway.

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