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XtraKrispi 11-26-2003 04:08 PM

I just started using Mandrake Linux 9.2 Download Edition and I am not sure how to
1) Add FVWM to the login manager (every time i try it takes me to IceWM)
2) Run FVWM

If anyone has any answers, please respond....

btw, every time i see a sample Xsession file with the case ) statements, my file looks NOTHING like it......


darthtux 11-26-2003 11:52 PM

Which login manager are you using: gdm, xdm or kdm?

scott_R 11-27-2003 01:00 AM

you might not have FVWM installed. Use Mandrake control center and do so. A question I have is why you'd want to use FVWM instead of Gnome or KDE. For most newbies, this is a better option, unless you're running it on a pentium 233 or lower that lacks the power to run something newer. If you've heard that it'll make Linux run faster, take that with a grain of salt. For most uses, there is little (if any) advantage speed wise, as most people don't do anything real CPU intensive, aside from gaming.

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