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wwwgeek 08-06-2001 06:55 PM

ftp says login incorrect - anonymous access works fine?!?
RedHat 7.1 - "Server" type installation - all defaults accepted

I can FTP into my system using the anonymous login, but when I try to FTP using one of the accounts on my system I get the following error.

530 Login Incorrect
Login Failed

I added the accounts using the useradd command (specifying only the name parameter). I then used passwd to set the password on the account.

The accounts I have added CAN log in at the console of the system.

What have I not configured properly?


gizmola 08-16-2001 06:48 AM

You didn't state this but I assume you are using wu-ftpd. If so, check the following :

Reasons for denial are logged using syslog. Check your logs.

Their shell is in the /etc/shells file.

/etc/shells needs the correct access rights (world readable and not world writable).

If you're using shadow passwords : make sure the daemon is compiled with shadow password support.

Setttings in the ftpaccess file. rtfm at

geharvey 09-15-2001 01:46 PM

ftp login
I had the same problem with my linux 5.2 installation, using wu-ftpd. It took me hours to work out what the problem was. I found that the system was using PAM to authenticate the login. There is a "pam.d" directory under "/etc". try copying the "login" file to another file named "ftp". PAM looks for a file in this directory with the service name that you are connecting to and uses this to perform the login security check.

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