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bschneider 11-10-2003 10:43 AM

FTP installation of SuSE 8.2
I know that this info is more than likely somewhere, but I cannot seem to find it and I have for find the answer before I go crazy.
When installing SuSU 8.2 using the boot disk made from the iso image, the computer boots fine and I start the manual installation. Everything go well until I try to install the module for my nic. I have a compaq presario 5630 and I think that is the compaq nic in the nic module. But it asks me to input parameters for the card.. I have no idea what they are or where to find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated

rgriffin 11-10-2003 04:31 PM

I had to use the Tulip module for my ftp install....when it asked for parameters I just hit enter and the module loaded and worked fine for me.

TazLinux 11-10-2003 07:00 PM

Same for me, I use a linksys net card which uses the tulip module in linux.

What nic do you have?

bschneider 11-11-2003 06:58 AM

The nic in my compaq is the onboard nic that came with the computer. It is a compaq presario 5630. In windows it identifies its self as an intel nic I think, I am not in front of it right now. I got the install to work on my dell and download from the ftp site, but had to cancel the install since it wanted to format my entire hard drive. So now I am back to trying to install it on the compaq. But the compaq does not have a working A:\ drive to read the extra nics from, so I am kinda at a stand still.

bschneider 11-13-2003 11:29 AM

Sorry it took me so long to get back to this, but I want to thank you all for the help. The tulip module did the trick it found both the network cards in the computer and allowed me to get it almost installed. Came all the way to partitioning the HD and stopped because of an error on the MBR. Now thats fixed, I cant get the ftp to work again, it wont send the data down. If it is not one thing is is another...

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