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frostedthorns 06-11-2004 02:09 AM

fresh install
i just installed slack 9.1 on my hp pavilion ze5400, i have a dual boot setup using lilo. it will run xp juuust fine, runs linux fine, well, starts to, i installed si-soft sandra or watever its called in windows to get my system specs, & one matches the last message i get while tryin ot boot linux, ehci_hcd 00:0b.2: VIA Technologies, Inc. USB 2.0, followed by i8253 count too high! resetting.. ive been readin & googlin to find tons of mentionings about it, but no solutions. the ehci referrs to my usb 2.0 controller chip, from which i dotn understand y linux is havin a hissy about it. im thinkin maybe a pass to the kernel to not even bother with this usb controller, then maybe itll boot up. ne1 feel gracious enuf to help?!?!

slackie1000 06-13-2004 08:50 AM

hi and welcome to LQ...

a lot of users here are no native english speakers so it would be nice if you can write your problem a bit better next time...
i think slackware should just work fine with your USB controller... Is it the stable or the current??? Wich kernel version??
We need more input..
Anyway a look at the kernel will be good...



frostedthorns 06-13-2004 01:26 PM

im using the bare.i kernel, & all my linux buddies here r lost so i turned to u, bout the non english speaking, dunno wat the heck to do but that, i speak a lil & i mean lil bit of spanish. so tell me wat else u need, im sry im such a newb

slackie1000 06-13-2004 03:09 PM

i think was a misunderstanding about the language thing...
I quit... but you should try to write better if you want replies..
here is the procedure:

cd /usr/src/linux
make menuconfig /// or whatever you use
go to DEVICE DRIVERS options
USB support..
check if the USB controllers are ok.. as built in or module.... USB host controller drivers

then i would suggest to make a good search here and try to find the excelent kernel compile guide that our friends wrote..

i wish you success



XavierP 06-13-2004 03:41 PM

What Slackie1000 meant was this: your first post appeared to be from a non-native english speaker. Since we have a large number of members from all around the world, unless we write in clear english, many of them will be unable to understand what is being asked or said.

If english is your first language, please write correctly - non english speakers are already at a disadvantage and not punctuating correctly, spelling correctly or using full words may mean that they cannot understand you. This means that they may be unable to offer help (which hurts your case) or understand the help you give (which hurts their case).

frostedthorns 06-13-2004 04:20 PM

ok guys, sorry about that little misunderstanding. i couldnt compile a new kernel if i wanted to becasue my box hangs on boot, it get to the message about my usb 2.0 contoller & hangs, then repeates the count too high! resetting.. message, so im at a loss at what to do. i was origonaly asking if there were sum parameters that i could pass to my kernel about not tryin to boot from it

XavierP 06-13-2004 05:06 PM

Interesting - is it possible to remove the usb hardware or is it inbuilt? Are you able to reproduce the entire message? As a workaround, try downloading and creating a Knoppix disk - if that boots correctly you may be able to lift some of it's config files to add to your own.

frostedthorns 06-13-2004 05:09 PM

nope, its a good old laptop, so i cant remove it, what do you mean by reproduce the entire message. i have no floppy & limited cd-rs, so makin boot discs that might not work is not cool. but thnx for trying to help

XavierP 06-13-2004 05:14 PM

I appreciate it's hard to reproduce the message - I was thinking maybe via Paper & Pen V0.1 (;)) it may give us a hint as to what it's failing on. What is your laptop model? Is it listed on Linux on Laptops?

[Edit] This page on may also give some pointers. [/Edit]

frostedthorns 06-13-2004 05:21 PM

well this is all i wrote down last time i tried to boot

ehci_hcd 00:0b.2: VIA Technologies, Inc. USB 2.0
i8253 count too high! resetting..

then the last line will repeat a good bit, til i turn it off

its an hp pavilion ze5400, no its not on the list, there is a 5500 which is similar

XavierP 06-13-2004 05:33 PM


From the 5385 instructions
disc 1 loads, but hangs on "loading ohci1394 driver...."

looked this up, and got several suggestions, 'linux nousb' etc...the one that actually works (and makes the most sense anyway but how was i to guess this off the bat...:)

linux nofirewire

so now when RH9 install loads up it won't probe (and subsequently hang on) the firewire port on your laptop. okay install goes fine and dandy.

Ok, this isn't exactly your model, but the symptoms appear similar. All the other reading I did suggests that this is a problem with any kernel less than 2.6. What you need to do is stop it looking for the usb - the author in the quote seems to do it during the installation. You may be able to interrupt Lilo and pass the command(s) but it looks like you'll need to reinstall.

Once you have reinstalled and successfully booted, you can compile the 2.6.x kernel and compile in USB 2.0 support. A pain I know, but it appears to be the only way to do this.

On the other hand, you will have increased your knowledge.

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