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JonnyBlazed 07-19-2004 04:40 PM

Formatting and Partitioning?!?!?
Ok i have a bunch of newb questions. so try to help me if you can plz

i currently have windows xp home. i have a 40 gb HDD and i just downloaded madrake 10.0. And id like to have one half windows, other linux.

First off, do i need to format my HDD then partition it? Or can i just partition with the availible space on my HDD which is like over 30GBs right now so i dont have to format and lose my stuff.

If i do have to format then will i just put in my first disk of madrake and it does operate windows does when u install and ask you to format and which partition u want to save too? all that good stuff. or am i gonna have to manually do it in dos? before the inseriton of linux disk.

Then my next question is... I have a Lexmark x1100 printer and its plug and play with windows. will this be the same on mandrake? or am i have gonna have to find drivers specificly for linux. because i do have the disk. but its for windows im sure. and same qustion applies with my stupid dell computers onboard video and sound card?? will those plug and play and have the drviers i need or am i gonna have to find out manufacturer of my onboard card then look on the net for the drivers compatible with linux??

i have lots more questions but ill save for other times. plz help me with what u can and make it clear which question your replying too. thx again


milir 07-19-2004 06:19 PM

There has been a lot of discussion on this topic and if you read through previous posts , i am sure you will get better answers.But just to save you the trouble here are a few pointers.
1. You dont have to format your windows hard disk, Partition the existing hard disk using any good software like partition magic pro.
2. I would recommend you not to format the new partition as a linux partition using the software in windows.Just leave the partition as an empty space in the hard disk (unformatted).
3. Put in the first CD and you can follow the instructions. there will be an option while installing that asks you where to install Linux, Select the empty space option . Mandrake would format the unformatted empty space in the hard disk and install. Mandrake 10.0 has the best clean install and it should be a breeze.I am sure Mandrake 10 has enough drivers in it to recognize your sound and video card unless its a really weird one. It should also identify your lexmark as it did mine, if not, you would have to search for drivers. Lexmark does offers drivers for linux.After installation mandrake would give you an option for dual boot.welcome to the wonderful world of Linux.Enjoi.

JonnyBlazed 07-19-2004 09:44 PM

thanks. i appriciate your responce. on another thread i read that mandrake 10.0 has conflicts with windows xp.. do you know if this is true before i go ahead through this?

milir 07-20-2004 04:40 PM

Well,I am not sure about that, I didnt have any conflicts when i installed mandrake 10. (I have a DELL Dimension 2400 with win XP) Go ahead and try it. I dont think you have anything to loose except for a few hours.. ;)

JonnyBlazed 07-21-2004 02:05 PM

yeah it didnt work. linux worked. but when i tried to load up windows it says missing hal.dll cannot load windows. so now im formatting. and windwos wont reinstall at all. it saying corrupt operating system. ive deleted the partitions that i made. and formatted. but its not working. now im pissed. lol

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