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ramb0 07-06-2015 04:40 PM

Fonts in debian / Popular IDEs in debian *sigh*
guys im really sad i dont know what to do, i chose debian as my permanent OS, i am doing software engineering and java being my favorite language i thought development in debian wont be an issue but after installing Eclipse / Netbeans ( both latest versions ), i am depressed , they look like HORSE SHIT !

too much vertical spacing, dark theme looking weird

look at the tabs, fonts, even the bottoms of the fonts like j y g q are chopped off , interface is looking weird,

now the problem is not only in IDEs , overall fonts in iceweasal and other applications are looking weird, bottoms are chopped.

i googled for days and the results i got was for older versions or they were for other distros and even webpages looks shit , sometimes fonts are too crispy or small.

im running Debian Jessie Stable / Gnome 3

i heard about font rendering is not good in linux, but is there any solution to fix the problem? solution that would fix above mentioned IDEs , webpages , iceweasal , other applications.

replica9000 07-06-2015 06:38 PM

The first screenshot doesn't look too bad, minus some text with the dark theme. Try changing the font size. Sometimes the vertical spacing is more affected than the font size itself. Also, try using a monospace font. I use medit to write scripts and html, haven't had any issues with font. I'm not using Gnome 3 though, so maybe adjusting font rendering could possibly help.

ondoho 07-08-2015 04:51 AM

i tend to agree that debian fonts aren't set up so well out of the box, but everything can be achieved in linux!
i would start with changing the default UI font to something other than bitsream vera sans.
also, i think both IDE's you mention are not native to linux and even run on java? a java environment has to be set up seperately, search your favorite wiki. minecraft users complain about that, too.

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