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ajeetraina 05-30-2008 01:15 AM

Folder/File Permission???
I have very important data backed Up in my friend's PC.Since he is the owner of the PC I want anyone who tries to explore the Folder first ask for password and then he could open it.
How gonna it be possible??

grizly 05-30-2008 01:46 AM

I would use pgp.

ajeetraina 05-30-2008 02:52 AM

How it works?

grizly 05-30-2008 03:25 AM

Although.. I would think about maybe asking questions slightly differently.

"Remote Secure Folder - Suggestions?"

Might get you more responses than: "Folder/File Permission???"

PGP = Pretty Good Privacy, its for encrypting files/folders/emails/anything.. Google is your friend.

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