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Phantomas 08-10-2003 11:57 PM

Fluxbox upgrade breakage

I upgraded my fluxbox from the stock woody version, to the latest version that i got from here:, using aptitude.

Now when i try to load fluxbox, the screen is all black and the menu's are black and empty; totally unusable :(

A bit of investigation has revealed that my ~/.fluxbox/init and ~/.fluxbox/keys files are both totally empty.

Any suggestions on how to set fluxbox up properly?

DrOzz 08-11-2003 12:22 AM

/usr/local/share/fluxbox usually has the default 'init' 'keys' and 'menu' files if you want to just try copying them to your /home/user/.fluxbox directory.

Phantomas 08-11-2003 02:31 AM

my /usr/local/share directory is empty. I've got /usr/share/fluxbox, but it doesn't have the files i'm after in there...

I've downgraded to the old version for now. Looking at the fluxbox roadmap, version 1.0 should be out in a month or so. I think i'll wait for that.


Proud 08-11-2003 02:21 PM

Try using a development release. 0.9.5 will have the KDE-applet support back, and it sounds like you'll just need to ./configure --prefix=/usr for your distro's /share placement.
See the links in my sig for info on the 0.9.x releases, and my FluxAqua pixmap theme. :)

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