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Astro44 04-09-2003 01:15 PM

I am running into continuous problems installing Fluxbox. I received an error stating "no X Window System found". So I configured X server and then ran ./configure for Fluxbox, it compiled then returned an error with "Could not find XOpenDisplay in -1X11".

Need help, about to give up on WM.

Will appreciate any help.

yngwin 04-09-2003 02:27 PM

Do you have all the necessary development packages installed to compile this? And why don't you install the binary rpm, because you're using Mandrake...

Proud 04-09-2003 02:33 PM

Mandrake RPMs really helped when I tried to install more WM/DEs :cool:

nakkaya 04-09-2003 04:09 PM

that happed to me if u find a way to compile it tell me and there is rpm version avaible on

Tinkster 04-09-2003 04:48 PM

Nakka, yngwin has posted the solution to
that problem :)

You need the X11 development libraries
and headers :}


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