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msg4real 01-26-2005 08:53 PM

floopy boot
i need to boot via floopy or cd rom but when i try via floopy i get a error
soming like will runin the fat or somthing how do you fromat disking linux??
does it give cuz disk has a lable

**sorry for typos

scuzzman 01-27-2005 12:52 AM

Hmm... It's tough to discern this strange English-type language you seem to be speaking, but I think you need to boot from a CDROM or floppy disk...
This is configured in your computer's BIOS. When you boot the system, you need to press a key to enter the setup (it will probably be displayed on the screen somewhere like this:)

Press <INSERT_KEY_HERE> to enter setup.
Press that key as the computer boots and change your computers "Boot Order" (may be worded differently) to boot from said device.

msg4real 01-27-2005 01:08 AM

sorry i was in a rush i need to make a mandrake 10.0 bootable floopy or cd rom for lilo boot loader

i aslo need the menu selection/commands up the boot menu setup

i tried deleting seclection that i don't use (failsafe,all but lunux, floppy, win1,win2) to see (if that would save disk space) if that was the problem

i need to be able to muli boot between mandrake and win par tinion 1 (xp) and win partition 2 (no os i wil put dos soon) and cd-rom, floopy

my mother bord is setup floppy overides eveything thin cd-rom, lan,hda , hdb ,

ps xp menu is also loaded on hdd for help if i neeed to modify that to

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