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Mercurius 02-20-2006 06:58 PM

Firestarter Privileges under gnome
I installed firestarter under dropline gnome, everything runs fine under root, but it would not run under another account. I set the chmod to kain:users with read write and execute permission, but it still says permission denied and only root can run it. The file is found in /usr/local/bin ... am I missing something? The privilege is right for the kain account, it should run correctly.

pljvaldez 02-20-2006 07:00 PM

Looks like you have to be root or use sudo to give your user root access to firestarter...

Mercurius 02-20-2006 07:19 PM

It works, but when I launch it, it gives me the following message "You kernel does not support iptables" But it does support iptables under root ... it is strange, do i need to modify another set of privilages?

koflanagan 02-28-2006 03:53 PM

Need a copy of /etc/firestarter/inbound/forward
I need a copy of /etc/firestarter/inbound/forward, I currently have no ports being forwarded. I would normally change this in gnome, only thing is i didn't install xwindows. What I did was save my /etc/firestarter folder and moved it to an old machine i'm using for firewall/router. I don't actually need to have IPs or anything. I just need example syntex for the forward file. If anyone could help that would awesome and much appreciated.

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