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DJNolz83 08-22-2006 05:32 PM

Firefox not firing up
Recently I installed Fedora Core 5 onto my desktop.
I included Firefox as part of the installation coz I like it and wanted to use. It is (fast) becoming my fave browser if it isnt already (I am still undecided - dont ask why)
I tried updating the version of firefox, as per instructions from www(dot)mozilla(dot)org, but to no avail. It just sits there in my panel, and when I click on it, it shows an error message about it not being able to find the firefox browser, and the same thing happens when I open it form the "redhat" menu.
I have resorted to using a shortcut on the desktop, that directly opens the program, but even this is hit and miss. I have to resort to Konquerer, which, does give a similar experience to firefox, just ends up being a placebo.
I am thinking tha tI have mucked the whole things up and need to start again, which is not desirable, as it took me ages to work out the triple boot config with XP and Mandriva Power Pack 2006.0.
Speaking of P.P2006.0, when I open FF there, it doesnt seem to browse to any other website, apart form the start page, which is a locally stored Mandriva Club page - with links to the official Mandriva Club site.
Mandriva is able to pick up my network (wireless) and internet connection, as, just as with FC5, I have to resort to Konquerer to browse the net.

ANY help, no matter how big or small is greatly appreciated!

Brian1 08-22-2006 05:39 PM

How did you install it exactly. Does the menu item in the start menu point to the executable file for firefox? From a terminal type ' firefox ', if it opens check the version info to make sure it is the one you updated or installed. You can type ' whereis firefox ' to locate firefox executable from the paths it knows about. Verify it is the same location for the link in start menu.


DJNolz83 08-22-2006 05:44 PM

Thanks Brian
I shall try that when I get home later.
I dont have my pc with me at work..... :(

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