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jaycam 05-08-2008 05:26 PM

Firefox 2.0 not rendering CSS correctly
I searched the forum several times before posting so forgive me is this has been covered. I've noticed that some website's CSS is not rendered properly by FF in Linux, specifically Xubuntu 8.04; my personal site being one of them FF Windows will display the CSS correctly; the background shows up all white in FF Linux but in FF Windows it is displayed correctly as a gray/blue. I checked my CSS for errors and it validates. Any ideas what could be causing this? Also, renders differently too.

Peacedog 05-08-2008 06:27 PM

Hi jaycam, Welcome to lq. It's rendering properly here (per your description) with FF 2.0.11. What version of FF are you running? Perhaps try an upgrade if your version is older than that.
Good luck. ;-)

jaycam 05-08-2008 07:01 PM

I'm running Did the color behind the text show up other than white? There should be a light gray/blue behind the text with a white border around the edge (between the gray/blue and the brown).

jaycam 05-08-2008 07:05 PM

Okay, so this is first post to get help and it turns out that my monitor got messed up. The brightness and contrast settings got changed at some point...still doesn't make sense when it would look fine in FF Windows though.

Peacedog, thanks for entertaining my "problem" :)

Peacedog 05-08-2008 08:08 PM

You're welcome, anytime, glad you sorted it.
Good luck. ;-)

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