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jigneshjvadera 03-07-2010 07:22 AM

fetchmail BCC mail issue
Please help !!

my mail server "" is hosted is a pop id

below are alias:

fetchmail is configured to download all mail for alias email id on local linux server and distribute to local users.

fetchmailrc config:
set no bouncemail
set logfile "/var/log/fetchmail"
set postmaster admin@localhost.localdomain
proto pop3
localdomains localhost.localdomain
envelope Received
no dns
user "myusername"
pass "mypassword"
to * here

everything works fine except bcc copy is not getting delivered to email alias (at local linux server). It is delivered to local postmaster account (in Linux server)

I have tried all envelope option in fetchmailrc file, but it did not work.

Thanks & Regards,

rweaver 03-08-2010 04:01 PM

If memory serves me fetchmail has some problems with bcc and in some configurations can require the 'delivered-to' field to be utilized, however it's been so long since I setup fetchmail for a multi-user domain I don't recall the syntax or exact details any longer, but it should at least give you some place to start.

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