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lone_horse_64 06-21-2007 03:45 AM

Fedup With 'microschitt' = How Do I Switch To The Linux?
i have flat out had it with microschitt.
1- where do i get 'linux'?
2- do i have to wipe/replace my hard drive to get rid of the other
existing crap?
3- how many 'add-ons' will i need to match the windows xp programing?
4- why cant i contact "ZIFFDAVIS" for help and get a reply?

it seems that betwixt 'microschitt' and the -> "anti-smokers" i cant get anywhere.

H E L P !

b0uncer 06-21-2007 03:52 AM

1- from distro homepage, trough distrowatch, or from here: on the right, in "main menu", there's "Download Linux". Download an iso image, then burn a bootable cd from it (not a regular data burn, note!)

2- the installation does format your harddisk, or at least part of it; modern installation programs can shrink existing windows partitions to make space for Linux, wipe out the whole harddrive and use an "automatic" partitioning or just let you do it yourself if you want to. you can also install stuff like ZipSlack on a dos/windows partition, but I recommend doing a "full" thing.

3- depends on what you do. office programs, email, browsing, image editing, cd/dvd burning, video and audio software etc. come right out of the box. more is on the net, easily available trough a package manager of some kind (depends on the distribution). if you want extra software and it's not available as a binary package already, then you can at least compile it yourself. software like Wine lets you run (some) Windows programs on Linux, or you can use vmware or other virtualization software to run a whole Windows OS on top of your Linux.

4- ask ZIFFDAVIS about that. you could contact me, but at the moment I'm unable to use any IM software so it might take some time and tries.

maury0324 06-21-2007 07:54 AM

Getting Linux
I was at the point you are today five years ago (how do I get out of windows?) It is very easy today. There are two very good versions for someone just starting out that you can download from this site. Try Simply Mepis 6.5 and PCLinuxOS 2007. Good Luck.

titanium_geek 06-21-2007 07:59 AM

you've posted this to the wrong forum- that's ok, I've reported it to the mods to have it moved to a better forum where more people can see it and help.


jeremy 06-21-2007 08:28 AM

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You can download Linux from:


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