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Fedora Revisor required disk space
Okay I'm going to attempt to install a customized Fedora using Fedora Revisor and I was wondering how much disk space is required. On the live CD I'll be using I only have 700 megabytes. And I have 8 gigabytes left on the OS that I'm making the live CD from. So is this enough memory? How much memory do I need to do this? I'll probably be removing a *lot* of unnecessary packages from the live CD, if that helps.

culaterout 08-08-2011 04:42 PM

Your leaving us in the dark... why????

I can't read your mind....

I need to now what the specs of this machine are your using?????

Is this an old machine or new machine????

Is this hard drive partitioned???

Well I hope you can fill in the gaps...

Boot from live disk .... START MENU > SELECT > TERMINAL Type:

cat /proc/cpuinfo (gives me your cpu speed)

next command

free -m (memory in megabytes)

Next command

sudo dmidecode --type 17 | more (gives me the speed of the ram your using)

Next command

fdisk -l (show partitions on hardisk)

You've asked a question that has a 1000 possible different answers... give more info

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