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3rdGear 12-05-2008 05:27 PM

Fedora is installed... Now what..
Ok, here's my issues.. lets just say I'm new at computers all together. (Which is a complete fabrication.. and if it were true I would be having this much trouble.. I'm sure.)

What im wanting to do is take an old PC that I have at home install fedora on it.. and make it into a web server.. I have cable internet.. and im sure if they knew I was doing it they would probibly shake the notty finger at me.. but whatever.. I have a DynamicDSN accout setup and all's good on that part but and I need to configure my router for the correct ports.. but anyways..

I want to turn it into a file/web/print server and I may play around with an email server later.. but for right now I want to do that.. and I want the PC to be by itself with just a NIC connection to it and power and be able to RDP into it with my windows machine.. and make it where I can tranfer files to it via network from my other pc's...which are unfortunately running windows.. for now..

my question is.. I dont know where to start..



3rdGear 12-05-2008 05:46 PM

Oops, this may belong under a different category.

sorry if it does..

lazlow 12-05-2008 05:48 PM

RDP is a windows app, you can RDP from Linux to windows but not the other way around(last I checked). You can use VNC. Fedora has a package called VNCserver which is relatively easily to set up.

For file serving you have two choices (both involve emulation of a sort). Samba is the one you see used most often, where Linux pretends to be windows, but on most systems I have seen has suffered from slow speeds (12MB/s on GigE slow). The other route is NFS which is the suggested Linux-Linux file transfer mode. I do NFS (Linux-Linux) transfers all the time which are limited to HD speeds(60MB/s +). However in order to use NFS on windows you have to install the Unix compatibility toolbox (or a name close to that, free from M$). I have not talked to enough people who have used the toolbox (most do not it exists) to comment on its effectiveness.

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