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manas_shukla 01-19-2005 10:15 PM

fedora is alive!tweaking and other minor problems...
well, thanks to the help i got from this forum ( you guys have been very helpful ) i've finally got fedora running on my computer. As you suggested, I used partition magic and created a logical partition.there are some things that i would like your comments upon:

1) I have to admit that I did the linux partitioning in a very amateur manner...i.e., when it asked me to set the size of the usr/ , usr/local, root/ , etc., sizes, in the begining i set sizes as to what seemed logical to me, but fedora kept telling me that one or the other needed more space, after half an hour of frustration I simply increased all sizes by 500 mb or so....and it worked.
Now, im not going to ask you how stupid that was, but i'm going to ask you what that has done to my memory space? Can I free up the extra space I might have given to some of the partitions incase it was too much?Or did linux already do that?
2) The above happenings took place because I chose to partition manually ( "use Druid"), if I had picked "let linux partition automatically" would linux have picked the optimum size for the paritions/folders? I want to know so that the next time I install linux, I know precisely what I'm doing.
3)You guys rock!
4)On startup Fedora detects a harware device and gives me the options of Configure, Remove Configuration and do nothing.The problem is that the only description it gives me for the device is that it is 04f1:1034.Which device is this?
5)One thing I think I have done right, is set the swap size to 256 mb, since i have 128 mb ram.It was suggested the swap be placed in the begining of the partition/drive ( which one?) I'm not sure where exactly its placed, but I think that Setup probably took care of that, right?
6) more questions later on, lol.
thanks, manas

chrism01 01-20-2005 01:21 AM

Assuming you are a newbie, I'd say let the install do automatic partitioning UNLESS it's not a dedicated Linux box ie default is to take over all diskspace it can find, so not recommended on system that you want to multi-boot to different Operating Systems.
Also, 128MB is a little tight for RAM, depending on what you do, so ideally you'd want to upgrade if possible, if doing heavy DB or graphics stuff.
If you've got a modern ie large-ish disk, consider making swap 512MB if doing manual partition.

manas_shukla 01-20-2005 03:50 AM

i've already installed linux, as i told you, can i change the swap size by using partition magic and simply increasing the swap, or do i have to re-partition, increase size and then install again. say later on i want to give linux more space on my hardrive, can i simply increase partition size for linux from partition magic? if so, then the space increase will show up where?

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