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rockster8 01-18-2005 02:51 PM

Fedora Core 1 problem with Sound and Wireless
I'm really new to linux so pls bear the dumb questions. :D
I have a Toshiba A70 laptop, running on Windows XP and Fedora Core 1. I'm having problems with the sound and the wireless. I've tried downloading the madwifi (for the wireless) and did a "make" on it but it gave me an error. something like about my kernel..
is there something that i can download so that it'll just install itself so i dont have to worry about building it?
and for the sound, i have no idea what to do with it..
any kind of help would be really appreciated!!

gazman1 01-18-2005 02:57 PM

ensure the sound is not muted by default

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