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Eleavings 03-24-2004 09:30 PM

Fedora Core 1 can connect to Router but not out to internet

Just installed Fedora Core 1. Ethernet card (Broadcom) was automatically detected and installed.

With eth0 active I can see my router (DLink DI-624) at and even my Linksys Cable modem at through mozilla.

But I can't seem to connect past the cable modem to any websites.

Router is dynamixcally assigning IP but typically assigns to eth0.

Cable provider is Adelphia Powerlink.

Anyone experience this or have a thought what the prob is?


idris1388 03-25-2004 03:03 AM

I use a simlar setup but with a DrayteK router with an built-in ADMSL modem.

Check your default gateway is set to You might also want to configure that as your nameserver.

Have you got any firewall enabled? You might need to authorise eth0 to send out HTTP, et al....

Can you ping the ip address assigned to your external connection that you get when you connect to you ISP?

Eleavings 03-25-2004 09:15 AM

It wasthe gateway! Thanks!
Thank you Idris1388. It was the default gateway. Checked all those things (firewall, etc.) and all probs resolved when set default gateway to I figured out the gateway had not properly set when I upgraded from RH9 because I did not have the network cable plugged in at the time.

How silly of me.

Thanks for the help!

idris1388 03-25-2004 11:35 PM

No problem..... Glad it's working again..

crypto2phreak 03-26-2004 12:58 AM

just stopped by to wsish everyone a happy new years 2304!

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