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anika.ella 12-02-2007 04:06 AM

Fedora 8 with 2 HDD
I have 2 HDD on my computer. With ubuntuI can see both (only read-only). With fedora 8, at installation, there can be seen both of them, but after install on the second hdd, I cannot see the first one. Can anybody help me ? How can I see both HDD ?

aus9 12-02-2007 05:17 AM

your image reminds me of betty.

1) where was ubuntu installed or were you running a live cd when you could only see 2 hdd as read only?

2) can you explain more of what you have, we have lots with microsoft installed on first drive so be trusting pls.

eg drive 1 partition 1 c
partition 2 e = data backup
partition 3 f = download area for ms

drive 2 partition 1 fedora /
partiton 2 swap for linux

then tell us how you boot?

do you use ms bootloader on drive 1 to boot to linux on drive 2 or what?

3) if you can get into your linux, post your contents of
/etc/fstab.....there is no confidential info here to embarrass any of us.

and when you boot into linux do you see grub or lilo or some other bootloader?

anika.ella 12-02-2007 07:39 AM

If you are refferring to betty boop or betty page - it is true ! I will answer you to your reply when I arrive at home where I have the problem with 2 HDD, ok ?
Thank you anyway !

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