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Farmer-Senship 08-20-2004 07:34 PM

Fedora 2 & GRUB Dual Boot Problems with XP
Okay... To start off, I've been wanting to give Linux a spin for awhile, so I picked up a dummies book and after many irrelevent details later -- about two days' worth -- here I am stuck in Fedora 2.
Basically, Fedora auto-installed GRUB (amongst other things) giving me the impression I'd be able to still boot in Windows XP. (Forgive me if I kept an OS on my HDD that I know like the back of my hand :P) Sounds standard and fair so far, right?
Well, while Linux is interesting and I don't regret installing it, I would like to get back into Windows. So when I boot, the GRUB boot launcher loads, giving me the choice of Fedora 2.6. whatever or Windows XP.... So I chose Windows XP, and it retorts with :
" rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1"
And refuses to boot it up. So I've been googling my problem, and I found this in my grub.conf file in my /boot dir. So taking one site author's advice, I changed "#boot=/dev/hda" to "#boot=/dev/hda7", for my /boot parition is hda7. No luck. I've seen some more websites on this topic, but being a total newblet to *nix it's a lotta jargon to me.
Also, I've seen quite a few times about using some windows file for the MBR... but they've all said make a fat32 partition for it. Seeing how I cannot get into windows, and both of my partitions for XP are NTFS, I'm kinda stuck in Oz.
I would supply you all with more information, but in this OS I don't exactly know where and what you'd want. If anyone could help me with this I'd greatly app#boot=/dev/hda7reciate it, but it'd be trying because unless someone writes it step by step you'll probably lose me.

edit --
I'm sorry, I didn't see a post similar to mine before (ran a search), but after I posted it appeared in the 'Similar Posts' section. It said to Boot a XP install CD to recovery mode and run the fixmbr utility. This will erase grub from the MBR." "I'll try that and hope it works. This makes me long for when I had unconditional DOS access pre-XP. (Guess that's why I went to Linux :P)

masand 08-21-2004 12:26 AM


1.) boot in to rescue mode
2.) #chroot /mnt/sysimage
3.) vi /etc/grub.conf
change ur entry from
u need to remove the ' # '
to install grub
#grub-install /dev/hda

if too u are facing some prblems
then u can always remove grub(this will not give u option to boot in to linux,for this u need to install grub/lilo)

to remove grub

boot from a win98 cd
at the command prompt
#fdisk /mbr
will remve grub and rewrite the windows MBR to it


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