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Remore 08-11-2011 02:29 PM

Fedora 15 Grub2 Graphical Menu "Invisible" yet there
First, Hello! this is my first post/question/plea for guidance.
Ok, my issue is this. I have Fedora 15 x64 with Gnome-shell installed on a Toshiba Satelite L505 Laptop alongside Windows 7, and Ubuntu 11.04. Fedora was the last installation so it currently has the controls of the grub installation which is what I was going for. I upgraded to Grub2 (1.98 and then some). I did some hunting and found this guide:

I followed the instructions to the T (or atleast I thought I did) for writing and installing the demo theme on "Fedora 14" which worked without errors on 15. When I rebooted I got:

Grub yadayada
Welcome to Grub!

for about 1.5 seconds and then the background image for the theme showed up but no menu! I tried shift & Esc, nothing. I pressed enter and it booted fedora 15. this is where i got my first bright idea (First i should mention that the loading box images showed up after i hit enter but still no text). I rebooted again (knowing the order of what the grub menu would be if it were visible) and this time i hit the down arrow 5 times then hit enter, sure enough, and it booted windows. So I can interact with the menu but not "see" it. I checked the fonts they are all there and as much as i can tell they are not corrupted (being .pf2 and all). I'm out of ideas.

culaterout 08-11-2011 02:50 PM

flash image is booting over the Text.... Need the image to go behind the text.... I really don't care what my boot image or grub2 screen looks like......

Burg --- this is a site that lists comments on users that didn't have success and what some did to make the Decorative Grub 2 boot loader to work...

Good Luck :)

PS Got away from changing boot loader images and even Grub images... When I installed Arch Linux... Comments when I can get Arch Linux to boot in 15 seconds from cold boot to desktop there is no reason to stair at a Grub Image all day... Since this has nothing to do with making my computer faster...

Remore 08-21-2011 09:36 AM

Do you know what the process is to do that? I've looked around and cannot find any solutions.

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