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sidehillbill 02-07-2005 03:34 PM

Fedora 1 will not install on USB hard drive
New to Linux. Need to install Fedora Core 1 from "Linux for Non-Geeks" on Maxtor 200 gig external USB on Windows XP, trying to create dual-boot.
Maxtor has 4 primary partitions, 3 used for pc data backup (NFTS), 4th is 20 gig fat32 for Fedora install. PC C drive is not partitioned, lacks space for Fedora.

Ran install disk with "noprobe" Off, get message before anaconda executes: "Loading USB Storage Driver".
In anaconda get to disk partition section, manual partition is recommended - but only pc hard drive "C" shows - as "hda" (?) , no "sda" (?) for Maxtor. Can't install on "C", no room.
Help for install notes that the partition must be a Root partition - as :H:/", but all Maxtor partitions are as "K:\" - backslash. Need procedure to make a root partition. Couldn't find this in windows XP help.

Have looked in newbie and Fedora install forums, did not see if an external disk works, and some solutions more techy than I am.

Any help will be appreciated. I REALLY want to get away from Microsoft miseries.

michaelk 02-07-2005 06:14 PM

The first thing you should realize that linux is very different from windows. No such thing as a drive letter. In linux the main file tree is known as the root partition /. All filesystems and devices are in the tree below /. linux uses a completely different filesystem then windows. There are several filesystems in linux. The default in Fedora is ext3.

You should leave unallocated i.e. unpartitioned space and allow the installer to create the necessary partitions. It is typical for linux installers to create 3 partitions by default.
/boot (where the kernel files are located)
/swap (virtual memory)

AFAIK FC1 does not know how to install on a USB drive. SuSE is capable but I do not know about other distributions. Like you mentioned with some distros getting it to work on a USB device is more technical then you are at the moment.

sidehillbill 02-08-2005 04:48 PM

Thanks, MichaelK,

I'll look at SuSe, and other distros for USB hard drive install capability.

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