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gardenair 03-13-2005 11:19 PM

FDISK or cfdisk in Linux
I need help about Fdisk under linux .How can i use this utility. Preior i have used many times FDISK to make partions for windows .

Another is cfdisk .Also enlight on it.

Any site where i can learn both of these utilities taht how to make Linux partions using it.
Thanks in advance.

slakmagik 03-13-2005 11:36 PM

cfdisk is very easy - just has an ncurses menu. 'delete' to delete, 'create' to create, and so on. fdisk is just as easy, but it's a command-line app, so you have to type 'm' to see that 'd' and 'n' do the same things. Just specify the sizes of the new partitions after specifying the device and then specify the type, then write the table. You're good to go.

-- Full details in the man pages, of course. Don't know of a site devoted to partitioning but any installation guide will have a section on it.

McDe 03-13-2005 11:39 PM

Could this help???

For macs

When you get stuck with grub (just in case :p)

If you can't find the pages


gardenair 03-14-2005 07:44 AM

Thnks McDe and digiot for your guidence. The sites are really so much interesting & helpfull.

gardenair 03-14-2005 07:48 AM

I also need help to do searching for a particular file or directory using Terminal $.
Does Linux support such kind of search command ?

Padma 03-14-2005 02:51 PM

The "find" command is probably what you want.

"find / -name <file>" will find anything named <file> on your system.

Do "man find" at the command prompt, to get all the possible options.

Present 03-14-2005 04:01 PM

you can also use the "locate" command, similar to the find command.

to use either, you may have to create a database of your system. relax though, it is VERY easy to do, as root user (type "su" followed by your administrator password) type "updatedb"

after a little bit of time looking around your system and making up the database, you will get the prompt back. then use the locate or find command to your heart's content. :D

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