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srich1979 11-14-2006 07:16 PM

FC6 vs Ubuntu 6.x suggestions for quick hands-on presentation?
Installed FC6 and Ubuntu dual boot on a Mac for demo purposes. Basically, I'm looking for a quick, compact project to demonstrate a distinction between FC6 and Ubuntu. Ideally, this would be demonstrable within about 10 minutes. Thinking broad topics like security (SELinux), stability, (or lack thereof), or package installation...Anyone ever done anything like this and maybe have an obvious, straightforward suggestion. Apologies for the extreme general nature of the inquiry, but I'm pouring over highly specific break/fix scenarios across several forums and not really getting anywhere with a brainstorm for this mini-project. Really just looking for some nifty ideas to research! Thanks.

MasterC 11-14-2006 08:52 PM

Haven't got a clue really what your ultimate goal is, but I would touch on things like contrasting root vs su; rpm vs deb (and even more what default frontends come with each of the 2 distros such as yum and adept) and for similarities you could throw in Synaptic as a common option.

In addition, filesystem defaults (I think they both default to ext3, but mount points may vary) and RHN is a big "selling point" for FC if you are presenting to any type of Enterprise folks.

Commercial support, community support, if you really want to get down to nitty gritty you could hit upon graphics (logos not Gimp). You also have things like kubuntu and xubuntu which would make a good contrasting "first glimpse" at what each distro is offering in terms of DE's.

Good luck, and welcome to LQ!


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