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ghg_legat0 05-25-2004 05:53 PM

FC2 Install Trouble "Kernel Panic: Attempt to kill init!" Error
I'm new to Linux and I'm trying to get Fedora Core 2 installed. Every time I put the cd in and try to install it displays "Kernel Panic:Attempt to kill init!" error message. I've tried to install in text, graphic, noprobe, and there is absolutely no partition on the drive at this point. Thanks for the help

sundancebt 06-01-2004 06:26 AM

I am having the same problem, exactly the same error message,
have tried using graphical, text, noprobe, you name it.
I'm trying to install FC2 on an Asus M2400 laptop in a partition
previously occupied by RH 9.0

If anyone can offer a workaround or a suggestion, I'd be very grateful


SciYro 06-01-2004 08:40 AM

ill guess the kernel it boots up on doesn't support you hardware very nicely

just get a distro that works, install that to a spare partition, and mount the ISO image of the install cd's and go from there

otis2003 06-01-2004 10:28 AM

FC2 problems
A few things you might try at the first screen:

linux acpi=on nopcmcia allowcddma

These are actually 3 things, and you can try them all at once or individually. One is to allow advanced power management, another is not to allow PCMCIA, and the other is to allow DMA for your CDROM.

I had to use these to install FC1, but they still might be usefull.

The unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) thing about Linux is, the distrobution you pick might not like your hardware. A good test to see whether your hardware is Linux friendly, is to run Knoppix. If you have a highspeed connection, you can download the ISO and burn it. It's a complete Debian based Linux distro that runs off the CD. It is one of the best for properly detecting hardware.

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