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Sabbir 02-25-2005 12:02 PM

FC2 freezes on first boot ( post #1)

I am new to Linux.

I installed Fedora Core 2 today for the first time, a dual boot with Windows XP. The install went smoothly, rebooted, and begun some kind of initialization routine. It gets throught about eight operations (such as setting host name) and then freezes on "starting NFS4 idmapd". After about ten minutes I reboot and then during startup there is a message saying an unclean shutdown was detected. It goes through a few operations that seem to be double-checking the system and then freezes on "enabling swap space." It then freezes up every time on "enabling swap space" after every restart. So I haven't even been able to get to a command prompt yet. Also, during startup there is some message that flashes by quickly.

Hope someone could help me by answering.

System Info:

Intel Pentium III processor
256 MB of RAM
DVD/CD ROM + Floppy
13 GB Hard Drive with 2 partitions
800 MB Swap
6 GB for Fedora
7 GB for Windows


dwight1 02-27-2005 06:55 PM

I've seen a similar problem at times. Removing the "rhgb quiet" line in grub.conf has solved it for me. I presume that it's a problem with rhgb.

You can change the boot args at boot time by typing "e" when you get to grub.

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