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Linux - Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux.
Just starting out and have a question? If it is not in the man pages or the how-to's this is the place!


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Old 12-01-2014, 11:03 PM   #1
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familiarization with new os and applications

how cool, I like the "similar thread button"... my web access closes in half hour. the top 4 weren't close to my question.

do yall need this?
toshiba satellite 645 i5 8g ram 500 hd
pressario v6000 2g ram, 79hd

I bought this for linux waiting for xp to be outdated... sort of... when I saw the sale.. i was like...
if what I heard about linux is truee... yeah..
not yet
no kudos yet

I don't have a web connections MOST of the time...

where are the buttons? for the clock, for amaorock
that's my biggie.
I have to open a separate application to control my volume? ??? my external laptop volume keys don't work.
where do my windows go wehn I "minimize" them I was talking to my family, minimized to do a search and can't find my icefox window whatevern...

my vlc questions may have solved self with update? don't know it's still faded out working overtime.. vlc wouldn't play all my movies.
and amarak is ??>. y'all got other chocies ? where is the volume button? when I hover it doesn't ... I should have wrote them down, like five things I didn't like about it

I AM open minded to learn how to utilize linux.
you see that honda crv add in magazines... it was on my list of things to do before..... the ad said kids...
anyway, I'm finally here. on the web with linux!!!
I had 32 bit ubuntu last week (pressario)
going back to 64 on toshiba. I was told mint sucks and updater sucks. I plan to do a side by side... I had a green mint the other day ago that was supre easy to navigate, for what I had.. no updates.. just remembering the install version

my computer crashed in sept and i've been unplugged since then.
finally downloaded a "real" copy of linux and made it bootable the right way

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Lot's of questions! That's good. Most everything will work much like it did in Windows. Try "alt+tab" to call up minimized windows.

What 'distro' are you using? You mention Mint. That's one of the easiest. When asking for help, give as much information as you can: Which 'distro' or version of Linux you are using; The specific problem (one at a time, please). What you have done in trying to solve it, What results you have had, and what error messages you may have received.

If you have used Firefox (or any Internet browser) in Windows, you will find that they are very much the same in Linux. Most of the same search engines are available. Google search is still available, and one of the best.
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bikemon is like bikeman. think: bicycling to work- east coast navy, caribbean "mon" (a few yrs ago)

alt tab, cool thanks.

I'm using blue mint... I think i'm on cfxe.. light stone blue, (cool color for a beater 4x4)... I didn't find the light green one in 64 bit.

I thought I was computer literate, I'm the third or fourth 'top' coputer person in my family i know how to send email I thought I was a geek, I was a geek in school and the navy... and scifi.. after revenge of the nerds, the jocks told me to stay away from their gilrs... and that proof is not in this pudding...

one fo the first things I did was to google ... why is yahoo still up there? anyway... I looked up the first ten and twelve things with mint... I am NOT hooked up to an printer. I'm hooked up to fast food place (to print and cross off, or see code easier)
... I thought the updater was fixed...
I'm editing the middle of my email to make it more understandable updater has error...

E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a to correct the problem.
E: _cache-> open()failed, please report

find them home keys bio.. buddy.. yeah, a spelling and skills test!
yesterday I copied that error msg into google and one of the answers had a code for me to enter in the mint terminal (that's found under favorites, hwo long it take you to find it?) and it (the updater) was busy all night, and then I remmebered to find oyur bulletin board and start reading ... about 2/3 through the update I had to leave and my error is back.
will that happen anytime I can't ifnish the updater? that sucks. I get booted hourly. my library card is expired (find otehr web access)

did I forget to hit a save button or something? why is this shtuff still ffmessed up?

alt tab, cool thanks.
I been rubbing my mouse on my belly from 10 feet or more, in three seconds or so teh shadows or sihlouettes show up and I can start closing 'lost' windows. it helps if I go from my love handles to my chest...
it's so much easier if i train myself to (alt tab) click on that diamond minimize symbol in the middle... this one (window) don't have it... hmmm. ... no, use alt tab

man it's cold outside, muy fingers haven't thawed yet... typos out wazzooo

mouse sensitivity issues... talk about itchy trigger finger... one benefit of the external mouse is that my hand isn't glancing across the mouse pad... learning the sensitivity here is like learning a clutch on a different truck

I've noticed linux has more options when you right click on objects or files. I don't understand the facination with the root.. I think I hid that feature.. the last thing i need with over sensitive mouse is to open the wrong thing

what are teh other options to amarak mp3 player?
my notes from earlier today

what is the L arrow menu... top left of amarak mp3
what do mp3 web links do for me?
live/ music? web? radio?
tweekers? the screen is cluttered with enough buttons to make me dizzy; does the millenium falcon look like this?
how do use blue flags? only once per track, song, chapter?

hover with the mouse and doc goes away without clicking.. what did I do wrong?

hover clock
hover over sensitive features close

this tab icon is spinning in circles like the page isn't finished loading... ?

I like the analog clock, that's pretyt cool, my daughter had one on her pc a few years ago but if I bump the mouse a calendar comes up and I couldn't find the minus minimize sign???

oh look what keeps coming up
Old 12-04-2014, 04:21 AM   #4
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Location: Arizona
Distribution: Various Debian derivitives
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Don't worry too much about errors. Your not likely to make any that can't be rather easily corrected. I'm still not sure which mint you have. They are all pretty much similar, Microsoft Windows users are not likely to be much accustomed to the 'root' mode (administrator). In Linux it is esential for some operations. But there will be a suggestion on screen when you should be using it.

"sudo" is one such suggestion. "sudo" commands must be run in "text mode" in a "terminal" The error you got:
"E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem."
suggests that you run the command: sudo dpkg --configure -a

Just find "terminal" in your menu, and type that command at the prompt. You will be asked to enter your password, and when you do the command should run, and then return to a prompt. Then you can re-run your updater. It will not start at the beginning, but it will finish from wherever it got to before the error.

You may be getting these errors, because you are trying to explore and try things, and thereby interrupting the process of the update. Try just letting it run till it stops. If it stops in the middle, and asks for input you will have to input. The safest ting with those sort of stops is to read the options, and choose the suggested default, or the choice that will require the least change.
Old 12-07-2014, 04:35 PM   #5
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Original Poster
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my mint kde... 14.01 ...xx?
Toshiba satellit 645. i5 intel, 8 ram. xxxgb
working now.

key word search:
Mint firefox says connected wont browse
is not a popular search

This toshiba mint kde wouldn't connnect to web
wifi antenna problems?

I htought I "fixed it" last time utilizing info from random linux web sites through a phone hot spot, I typed stuff, and the web finally came up. I thought the web would then come up on its own after that day.

NO it did not

it makes me think that kde is set up to choose an antenna each time. become computer literate and find out which method, it changes each time to keep me on my toes? teach me how to use computers better? to Drain me... I mean train me?

After my linux upgrade (from windows) i thought I could just hit the power button and log on (in hotspot).
check my mail
say hi to family

count the days since my last reply... my antenna is messed up
ubuntu is different, their top right piece of pie tells them wifi info, mine asks for widgets, application and tool box???

I've been looking in yahoo mail for the address to here (this help board). I htought I book marked it. every linux help web site wants you to create a profile... I'm not trying to have a profile at each place. I am exhausted trying to find this place to ask

I had no idea that linux needed this much attention to function properly

how do I set my wifi antenna to work all the time w/o having to reset.
I think I had to drop a firewall to get on web this time

---------- Post added 12-07-14 at 06:35 PM ----------

why do I have to log in twice to post a question?
Old 12-07-2014, 05:04 PM   #6
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mint kde 14. xx. xx ???
toshiba i5 8ram xxxG (competent size?)

wifi not browsing

I typed this:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M

I fuond the command on phone hot spot.

will the antenna work next time or do I need to save it and re enter it each and every single time I use fire fox?

how do I save it to be a default or automatic?
I don't want to have to use the command line each time I want to use the web

I have to log in AGAIN w/o consciously logging out ... why???
Old 12-08-2014, 02:25 AM   #7
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Location: Arizona
Distribution: Various Debian derivitives
Posts: 240

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Mint 14 didn't serve me well. I was using mint 13 (the 'mate' version which is not kde, but more like gnome) It was a "long term" version, which just means that they maintain updates for it better than they do for the ones in between. I tried mint 14, and 15, and didn't much like them, and then I jumped to mint 17 (another 'long term' version). My computers are older than yours, so I had a little trouble with setting the screen properly, but I really like it. There are several forms of it. "Cinnamon" and "Mate" are probably the most popular. I use 'Mate'.

Firefox is probably the most used web browser - its available for nearly every operating system, and works very similarly in all of them. If you have logged on to email, or facebook, or whatever with your password (and "saved" your password) It should log on without entering the password when you come back (It is entered automatically). If you set a bookmark, you can use it to get back into that site with only one click. When I go to, It logs me in automatically.

I think, when you have been using Linux a little while, you will wonder why you didn't start sooner. It is sooo much easier, and trouble free than windows! But the differences are significant. You can't do some things the same say, And the programs are different. Different names, different philosophy, different conventions.

One big difference is the number, and variety, of programs that just install and work from the very first. For instance "Gimp". It's a very thorough and complete Graphics program that comes free with most versions of Linux, But it is comparable in terms of quality and variety (of what you can do with it), favorably comparable to the very expensive program that is available for Windows: Photoshop.

Then there is (in Windows) an expensive suite of office programs called "Microsoft office". I much prefer Libreoffice which comes already installed in most versions of Linux.

You can't (or shouldn't) just cruise the Internet in Linux and grab up freeware programs, but there is no need to! (That's how a lot of 'virus' 'trojans', and other 'nasties' get into Windows boxes. But in Linux, you are provided with a "repository" that is preplanned for your particular version of Linux that has thousands of programs of every imaginable description, at no cost to you, and free of malware.

If you don't find a program that does what you want to do, go to google, or any search engine enter the word Linux, (or Mint, or Ubuntu) and then in quotes a brief description of what you want to do. You'll get names of appropriate programs in Linux. Then check to see if those programs are in your repository, and install them from there. (In most cases yu shouldn't install programs that aren't in your repository, because linux programs are usually not separated as "stand Alone Programs" Almost every linux program incorporates other smaller programs to make it work better, and to keep the amount of "bloat" (or duplicated code) down.

Another big plus for linux is the number of individuals, and sites on the internet where you can ask for and get help. You'll need to develop some skill in asking for elp, so people can help you, but there's a lot of help out there.


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