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lennie318 06-25-2008 01:06 PM

Failure to Initiate Modem after Kubuntu upgrade
After installing Hardy I was able to use the martian_modem version, martian-full-20080407 to get online using kppp by symbolic linking /dev/ttySM0 to /dev/modem. However after doing all the Adept upgrades it seems that kppp can no longer find the modem. I have the same problem with wvdial. Kppp gets as far as "Initializing Modem" and it hangs there. With wvdial I get the error message that it can't locate the modem and asks about proper setserial configuration. Does anyone have a guess at what file is affected by the upgrades and how to replace it with the original?

Thanks in advance. God Bless!


PS. I gave up on resolving and did a reinstall and then did a safe upgrade only. I will be able to get by without the full upgrade until in know what I need to do to get martian_modem working with a full upgrade. Thanks.

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