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kapalka 03-26-2005 11:37 PM

extract modem and printer driver zips
I am working with Mephis and have a z42 printer and Intel 536ep modem

I have drivers for my modem and printer sitting on my desktop. When I right click on their icons, I see several options like: "create gzipped archive, create bzipped archive and create zip archive." Plus
extract to
Extract here
It would appear that if I was in the root directory, that I might be able to use these to create modem and printer files.
If this be true, can anyone tell be the path?
Which create or extract choice?
What do I do then to create the file and move on?

scott_R 03-27-2005 04:00 AM

If you know where you saved them (your user directory or Documents directory is typical; also known as /home/yourname/ or /home/yourname/Documents), you can open a terminal (which is a DOS-looking thing), 'cd directoryname' (to the place where they are) and use:

unzip filename

to extract them. Unfortunately, zip files rarely extract in a friendly manner, meaning they just unzip wherever they are, so you will probably want to make a subdirectory, 'mv filename subdirectoryname' to move the zip file to that subdirectory, then unzip it there, so it doesn't pollute other files that may already exist on your system. You can also do this with a filemanager or other GUI program.

However, assuming you are running as a normal user (not as root, because running as root is an invitation to problems, mainly user-caused problems, especially for newer users), you will not be able to install or unzip files to anywhere but your user (/home/username/) directory. More likely your comment that:

"It would appear that if I was in the root directory, that I might be able to use these to create modem and printer files."

Is actually the system telling you that you need to be the root user (admin) to install these files. You'll need to log in as root, or switch to root through the extraction program, or using 'su' on the command line. This is normal, and to be expected, because you wouldn't want any normal user to be able to alter drivers for your computer.

Hope this helps shed some light on your situation, if it doesn't solve it entirely.


Um, read your post wrong at first. You probably just need to pick "extract to", and use the dialog to create a place for the extracted files. I'll leave the comments above, just in case.

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