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ruttiger 10-27-2001 09:57 PM

Exp. Windows/Linux-Script Programmer - Need Linux Programming Mentor!
Hi all -

I've been programming Windows for about 4 years, and webhosting & scripting on Linux for about 2 years. I know C, C++, Perl, PHP, MySQL, SQLServer, ASP, VBScript, (very little, rusty) asm, Javascript, (some) C#, and others...

I'm just as pissed off at Microsoft as everybody else here, and I've decided to give it up at home, and switch my desktop computer over to RH Linux 7.2. I'm pretty good with linux, know the filesystem pretty well... most of my 2 years experience is all through the terminal though.

Anyway, I'm ALL FIRED UP about Linux ... have the books ... playing when i can ... even have the GNU bumper sticker :) ... and want to do something to help the cause!

I dont know where to begin, but I'd like to [someday] be a programming linux guru (or as close to it as i can be). Is there anybody out there that TRUELY IS a guru, and has the patience and drive to help me become a part of the community? I'm looking for something very challenging, preferably not a scripting language, cause i'm very good at Perl, and want to move into C and C++.

I guess the ideal person to help me would be someone writing a real tough app which will be fully open source, and needs some help getting it completed --- and doesn't mind helping me learn the libraries and development tools.

Please email me at if you fit this bill.

I'm working full time, developing (cough) ASP & VB COM+ (gag) code for a tech/web company. I have roughly 1-2 hours of programming time per weeknight, and 5-?? hours per weekend day. I consider myself a strong programmer, and quick learner.

Thanks all - hope to hear from ya soon!

Blake Caldwell

rshaw 10-27-2001 10:53 PM will take every coder thay can get their hands on.

zhenwu 10-28-2001 11:00 AM

Definition of a guru: someone who started before you.

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