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nodger 01-20-2004 06:16 AM

executing from command line
This question will prove how much of a linux dummy I am:

How do I execute a program (not in the bin directory) from the command line. Its just telling me "command not found"

acid_kewpie 01-20-2004 06:21 AM

also clearly nothing to do with programming. moved...

if you are running a program that is not on your path variable, you muct precede it with the full (or relavite path) e.g. "/var/stuff/program" or in the same directory you are in at the time "./program"

nodger 01-20-2004 06:33 AM

thanks alot

_KDF 01-20-2004 10:30 AM

You can always setup a symbolic link to the executable in one of your paths, or you can add/alter your paths to reflect the location of the original executable.

ln -s /path/to/executable /usr/bin/

something like that. ?

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