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prophet621 09-10-2003 05:17 PM

Error trying to dist-upgrade or upgrade KDE
I downloaded Libranet 2.7 to give it a shot. I remember really liking 2.0 but then I went off to try other distros.

I changed my sources from woody to sarge and added the KDE source to the list and tried to upgrade an error message.

I tried to do a dist-upgrade and got a message about unmet dependencies and I should try apt-get -f install.

So I tried that and get error on libarts1-1.1.3-0woody1_i386.deb. This is the same file that screws up my trying to upgrade KDE.

The error is trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/;`, which is also in package libarts1-qt
dpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (broken pipe)

This is the exact same message I got with trying to update KDE.

Any thoughts?

Also, would recompiling the kernel for a P4 and add the laptop support I saw in the Xadminmenu option really make much of a difference from the default. I'm really new at this.

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