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surfman 11-29-2000 02:10 PM

I continue to get the error message that "INIT: ID "X" is respawning to fast disabled for 5 minutes" I have a 14 inch monitor running redhat and it appeard to be configured properly in Xconfigurator.

jeremy 11-29-2000 04:15 PM

This could be caused by a few different things. Are you running gdm? If so try booting to init 3 (as opposed to 5) and deleting any stale pid/lock files. The Gnome that shipped with Red Hat 6.x does not clean up after itself after a "improper" shutdown. You may also want to check to make sure you have some free disk space.

Rivaman 04-21-2002 08:05 PM

GDM Error!!!!!!!!!
:smash: For all u guru Linux users.......because of my job I have been forced to become familiar with Linux. I attempted to install Linix 7 on one of my test laptops and play around for a while but after installing it and the machine rebooted I got this error:

According to /var/run/, gmd was already running (1021) but seems to have been murdered mysteriously.

Someone please tell me how I can get around this I attempted to stop the services for gdm since it said it was already running. That didn't work. I also stopped services on the lockfile also.....unsuccessful there too.

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