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ACESiX 07-14-2003 04:16 PM

? error 2?

i am a massive Linux newbie but so far i have done quite well.. I have installed redhat 9 on my laptop. I have got all devices (including winmodem using slmdm2.7 driver) to work. I have upgraded the kernel (to 2.4.20-8) and even got some windoze programs such as dreamweaver + fireworks working with wine...

The one remaining problem is dialing the internet with "Network Configuration".. Everytime I active the device ppp0, i get:

Cannot activate network device ppp0!
Failed to activate ppp0 with error 2

...I cant find anywhere what this error means! I know the modem is working as kppp dials any number i tell it to, minicom finds it and wvdial will dial with it?? i am really confised now.

Any thoughts or comments please?



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