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marklj 12-16-2002 12:54 PM

Equinox SST driver ver 4.04 install problems
I am trying to install a Equinox SST (multi-port) Linux driver ver 4.04 on a Red Hat 7.3 system and I
am getting the following message:

Validating build environment.
The Linux kernel source could not be found. Please install the kernel source
before proceeding.

Per Equinox technical support, "For general distribution, the Linux SST
software has several
- Kernel source and kernel headers must be installed. This is required
to build the driver and utilities.
- Curses and curses-development must be installed in order to build and
run the diagnostic utilities.
- The installed kernel must support modules.

If I run 'rpm -q kernel-headers' and 'rpm -q kernel-source' I get, "package
kernal-headers (or source) is not installed".

How do I install these packages?

wnguza 05-04-2007 04:33 PM

equinox sst driver
I had the same problem when I tried to install on a redhat platform.

RH9.0 kernel ver = 2.4.20-8

I did a clean install and added things like ncurses, ncurses-devel and the kernel source during the package selection. This solved the problem for me but, alas I don't know how to do the rest of the setup now and I'm trying to use mandriva 2007.

Any tips for the rest of the setup? I have 4 modems for the remote sites that have to work. erm.. this is new teritory for me.

Many thanks.

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