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gamor 04-29-2005 02:19 PM

environment variable
Hi all,

I am trying to run a system that is supposed to be working. All I needed to do is to set some environment variables and redefine some paths to my system. I am getting a segmentation fault and I am kind of confused as where the problem can be as is the system is quite big.
I am thinking that I might have set the environment variables wrong. It is the first time I did it.

In the README it says to set a certain environment variable to for my version of C and system support.
That is what I did:
export env_var=/usr/bin/gcc

Am I supposed to do something different or am I right

Also I am supposed to have rcp.lockd running. How am I supposed to check if it running. when I use startsrc -s rpc.lockd. I get command not found. I am using bash as a shell.

Thanks of ryour help.

acid_kewpie 04-29-2005 03:59 PM

no program has the rigth to segfault over something as trivial as an invalid path really... that' should be fine though. if you run "echo $env_var" and get that value back, then anything you run within that shell be get it too.

gamor 04-29-2005 08:17 PM

I didn't get anything when I run echo $env_var. I did it from my home directory right? what am I supposed to get.
I didn't really understand your statement.

Also, they were using csh as a shell and I changed it to bash. Do you think something in the make might be different using different shells and might ive me problems. But still, I shouldn't get a segfault.

jschiwal 04-30-2005 08:35 AM

from the rpc.lockd man page:

rpc.lockd(8) rpc.lockd(8)

rpc.lockd - start kernel lockd process


The rpc.lockd program starts the NFS lock manager (NLM) on kernels that
don't start it automatically. However, since most kernels do start it
automatically, rpc.lockd. is usually not required. Even so, running
it anyway is harmless.

rpc.statd(8), rpc.nfsd(8)

gamor 04-30-2005 05:28 PM

Yeah, I already read that in the man page. I just want to know how to check whether it is running. when I use lssrc rpc.lockd to check if it is runniing I get lssrc command unknown. If I do startsrc that is supposed to start it, I get command unknown. I need to figure out a way to know whether it is running (automatically ) or not. Thanks for your help.

Can you please help me more when setting variables. Am I doing it right. Am I just supposed to give the path to where gcc is located. Is that what is meant by setting it to the gcc version.

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