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slack66 04-10-2004 10:35 PM

entire neighborhood
hi people:)

iam using slackware 9.1 running kde 3.1 and samba to able my 2 windows xp
to see my linux box....all work perfect! no problem:) now my question is
went iam in my linuxbox how do ill see my two computer running windows xp?
i want to browse my two computer like in windows "entire neighborhood" w/o
complicating this possible??? thks:)

bosewicht 04-10-2004 10:51 PM

i'm not sure if this will answer ur question, but if u want to browse in say konqueror, u can try
smb://<windows ip>/
this is of course, everything is set up right

slack66 04-10-2004 11:12 PM

ok:) can it be a name??? not an ip address?? is this posible?
i heard college linux distro have a entire network setup automatic but
i havent try it:) if not possible for now a distro that have automatic
entire neighborhood i hope someday redhat,mandrek,suse,slackware...etc
will incorporate entire neighborhood in there future release:) to make things simple:) thk you for your reply:)

bosewicht 04-11-2004 12:05 AM

i haven't tried it, but u may want to look into linneighborhood

slack66 04-11-2004 02:51 AM

oh! linneighborhood... were can i find information how to setup linneighborhood?
can you help me? thks

pragmatic 04-11-2004 03:49 AM

try using the web browser you are using in kde, konquerer and where you type the web address type this
smb:// whateveryourwindowsboxiscalled if you got it setup right you should see all the shares on the windows xp box

slack66 04-11-2004 08:11 AM

thks!!! lot:)

heema 04-11-2004 10:23 AM

u could check this tutorial out :

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