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srinihi 04-01-2009 05:37 PM

"Enter Key" not working, how to map "Enter Key" functionality to "F9" Key
My laptop "Enter Key" is not working in fedora Linux 2.6.25. How to map functionality of " Enter Key" to "F9" key?

The information I have is:
1. echo $ Term shows "linux"

2. showkey -a for (ESC Dec Oct Hex)
a. Enter key shows " ^M 13 0015 0x0d"

b. F9 key shows " ^[[20~ 27 0033 0x1b
91 0133 0x5b
50 0062 0x32
48 0060 0x30
126 0176 0x7e

3.showkey -s (scan codes) shows
- Enter key shows " 0x1c 0x9c"
- F9 key shows " 0x43 0xc3"

keycode default values:
- keycode 67 = F9
- keycode 28 = KP_Enter

I would like to replace the "keycode 67 = KP_Enter", what command I have to use? or I want to replace escape key sequence of F9 from "^[[20~" to "^M" what is the procedure to do so?

( EscapeSequence Description DecimalHTML OctalASCII Hex Unicode
\r Carriage Return (CR) 13 015 0D \u000d

Thanks in Advance,
Srinivasu Anupindi

David the H. 04-03-2009 03:46 PM

I'm not sure about the exact syntax, but you'll probably need to use xmodmap to reassign the keysyms to the keycodes you want.

It's also possible to use an "XkbOptions" line in xorg.conf to define individual keys. However, xorg is moving to dynamically configuring xorg with hal .fdi policy entries, so you may need to take that into account if you use a newer setup.

OTOH, I'm not sure how you'd map the keys outside of X. The underlying system uses a different keyboard mapping system.

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