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rpar 04-17-2010 02:58 PM

Enabling wireless Ubuntu 9.10
I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a Lenovo Thinkpad x100e and cannot figure out how to enable the wireless internet connection. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Karl Godt 04-17-2010 05:31 PM

I gooyabinged Lenovo x100e. It is said "Bluetooth und UMTS gibtís optional." = UMTS-BB with build in Qualcom/Huawei-UMTS-Modem is optional.
So it would mean that you should read the .pdf-Book inside for it. And it is said that there would be a slot inside for a "normal" Mobile-Phone-SIM-Card that is reached by opening a part of the bottom-plate.

You would need to have a contract for this card that would cost you in Germany roundabout 20 to 40 Ä a month. Here there are two common rates : :confused:300MB and :hattip:5GB-flats.
If there isnot this modem build in then you would need a USB-Pen or PCMCIA- or Express-Card. USB should be able, I did not searched that exactly.
Then you should search for the /usr/bin "nm-connection-editor" and "nm-applet" for the set-up. Perhaps you need to look for a driver for the modem.
At my PUPPY-4.3.1 and #!crunchbang8.10.01+02 the internet works at Huawei K3715 without extra driver. It is said everywhere that there is Huawei e220+620 around. Perhaps these drivers work also at Ubuntu/Debian.
I have no transmission-monitor for the wave-speed. Somehow it seems a little bit slow but not extremely. IE8 at my WindowsV also is slow.
You need to have to google for the first and perhaps second DNS of your SIM-Card-Contractor (IntProvider) and for the APN.
Just type 'COUNTRYONTHEEARTH-TELECOM APN' at google search and you would find something like '' or 'internet.t-mobile' and for the DNS '' and '' or just 'DNS-ADRESSE1:' for example .
If your are asked at the nm-GUI for a username and password then you can type in anything you like (crazy but it is so). Of course you need PIN and PUK-number. The posts #7 for Ubuntu and #5 for Puppy at might help you in filling in the GUIs at these two Linux-OS .
Enjoy it !

jefro 04-17-2010 06:35 PM

By wireless can I assume you mean lan 802.11 ish?

The simple answer is to use native linux support or use ndiswrapper to use windows drivers.

It should just work if it was suported in linux but it may be that you have to do some stuff. Dumb lenovo site doesn't even tell me what the wireless is.

Actually I need to know the first question before we go on.

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