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woofburgerjr 04-10-2005 03:43 PM

eMachine, Fedora 3, Windows Content not displaying
Aloha - newbie web designer building my first Linux box.

Installed Fedora 3 FULL (everything) on this #$@**$% eMachine T1855. Boots fine, logs in fine, GUI displays with quirks - until I mouseOver a button, field, etc. it doesn't display.

This makes all "windows" buttons, etc. invisible until I mouseOver. Panels with static content won't display - only the interactive objects within the panel will display.

Have lowered refresh rates, display size (800x600) and colors to 256. Same result. It's an onboard video chipset courtesy eMachines (Intel 82810cgc).

Any other BIOS , Preference, System config. steps I can take to fix this? The OS seems stable and responsive, but this display problem is a killer.

Mahalo from Maui


PTrenholme 04-10-2005 05:40 PM

Go to a command prompt and try "$ switchdesk kde" I had a similat problem with Gnome, and KDE didn't have the problem.

(Of course, I like my desktop uncluttered, so I don't display any desktop icons, and autohide the selection panel, so maybe I have the problem, and just don't notice it.)

Anyhow, IMHO, I fine KDE much easier to use than GNOME, especially when you want to modify the default menus.

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