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okos 06-21-2009 10:07 PM

Edit system wide kmenu as system administrator.
Three questions...

1. Is it possible to edit the kmenu via command line?

2. How do you add/remove kmenu entries for all users all at once as system administrator?

3. How can you add/remove entries for a specific user as system administrator?

As administrator, I don't want to log in as other users to edit their kmenu.


GlennsPref 06-22-2009 03:19 PM

hi, If you login as root you will be changing the system menu.

I'm not sure that it would control the users menu,

but you can have a list-file for it to read from.

I have not required this, experiment for your self.

kmenuedit --help(-qt or -kde)

cheers, Glenn

okos 06-22-2009 09:52 PM

Thanks Glenn for the response.

If I understand you correctly, a list-file has a list to which is added the kmenu when x is started. I googled, searched both kde help, and kmenuedit --help(-qt or -kde) but could not find anything about "list-file".

Could you give me a little more detail?

GlennsPref 06-22-2009 10:02 PM


glenn@GamesBox:~$ kmenuedit --help-kde                                      (23-06 12:54)
Usage: kmenuedit [Qt-options] [KDE-options] [menu] [menu-id]

KDE menu editor

Generic options:
  --help                    Show help about options
  --help-qt                Show Qt specific options
  --help-kde                Show KDE specific options
  --help-all                Show all options
  --author                  Show author information
  -v, --version            Show version information
  --license                Show license information
  --                        End of options

KDE options:
  --caption <caption>      Use 'caption' as name in the titlebar
  --icon <icon>            Use 'icon' as the application icon
  --config <filename>      Use alternative configuration file
  --nocrashhandler          Disable crash handler, to get core dumps
  --waitforwm              Waits for a WM_NET compatible windowmanager
  --style <style>          sets the application GUI style
  --geometry <geometry>    sets the client geometry of the main widget - see man X for the argument format
  --nofork                  Do not run in the background.

That's all I was referring to.

In the gui of the same program you can edit it and save it "as root" and it affects all users, as far as I remember.

regards Glenn

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