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slufoot80 05-06-2013 10:12 AM

echo output of command and send to email address
Ok below is the code to send the everything works except the following please see code


count=$(mailq | grep "Total requests: "| awk '{print $3}')
actualcount=$(ls /var/spool/mqueue | wc -l)
emailvar=`ls -al /var/spool/mqueue| sort $5 |awk '{print $5}'| uniq -c| sort $1| tail -1 |awk '{print $2}'`
emailbody=$(ls -al /var/spool/mqueue | grep $emailvar | awk '{print $9}'| head -1)
emailcat=$(cat $emailbody)

if [ $count -ge 50 ]
echo -e "Mail queue is at: $count" "Actual count of mail que directory is:"$actualcount "Please check mailq directory for file size of $emailvar" $emailc

        if [ $actualcount -gt 300 ]
        rm /var/spool/mqueue/qf*
        rm /var/spool/mqueue/df*

and when I run the command I get the following error I did get this to work once but then lost the file


"/usr/bin/mailcount" 19 lines, 650 characters
bash-2.05# mailcount
cat: cannot open qfr42JVHKB027814

TB0ne 05-06-2013 10:22 AM

...and unless you run it as root, you're not going to be able to open anyone else's mail but your own.

David the H. 05-07-2013 01:38 PM

That code is not particularly clean.

I see Useless Use Of Grep and long chains of text tools that could be replaced by simpler awk versions. Except that said commands are also ill-advisedly parsing ls! Not good.

And since this is a bash script, the numerical tests should be using ((..)) instead.

I tried to do a bit of re-writing, but I'm stuck over figuring out what two "ls -al /var/spool/mqueue" lines are supposed to produce. I don't have that directory on my system. I tried to reverse engineer them, but it's just not clear to me what they're doing exactly.

I can already say, at least, that "sort $5" and "sort $1" won't work properly, unless those are values input when the script is called, since those will be treated as shell positional parameters. sort is not awk. I imagine you want "sort -n k5,5" instead. The proper syntax for tail is also "tail -n 1". The "-1" style is deprecated.

But again, I'm sure there are better ways to get that data anyway.

Anyway, here's what I came up with far:




count=$( mailq | awk '/Total requests:/ {print $3}' )
mqlist=( /var/spool/mqueue/* ) ; actualcount=${#mqlist[@]}

#can't fix these two yet (except for sort), but they really need it.
emailvar=$( ls -al /var/spool/mqueue | sort -k5,5n | awk '{print $5}'| uniq -c | sort -k1,1n | -tail -n 1 | awk '{print $2}' )
emailbody=$( ls -al /var/spool/mqueue | grep $emailvar | awk '{print $9}'| head -1 )

emailcat=$( <"$emailbody" )

if (( count >= 50 )); then

    mail "$mailaddress" <<-MAILBODY
        Mail queue is at: $count
        Actual count of mail que directory is: $actualcount
        Please check mailq directory for file size of $emailvar

    if (( actualcount > 300 )); then
        rm /var/spool/mqueue/[qd]f*


exit 0

Note the use of '<<-' in the here document. The extra '-' means that you can indent the body of it with initial tab characters, to help with script formatting. These will be removed during execution and won't be included in the mail itself. They must be tabs though, not spaces!

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