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waynep 02-18-2005 01:00 PM

Easy secure remote access ?
Being newbie with Linux I have a basic question. I have cable modem access to the net with a Dlink router at home. I have a couple windows pc's along with the new linux box i put in last night.

What's the easiest way (with some reasonable security) to access the home linix machine from outside? I was hoping for access through web browser to make it easy from anywhere?


ToniT 02-18-2005 01:12 PM


For ssh client for windows, see "putty".

waynep 02-18-2005 04:05 PM


Originally posted by ToniT

For ssh client for windows, see "putty".

Ok got it going . . . putty ssh tunnel . . . can run vnc over the ssh tunnel now. It's slow but it works. Next on the list is webmin . . . .


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