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lsgko 08-18-2003 06:16 PM

Easy httpd config: Config for ~user
I httpd.conf, I enabled the user directory:
UserDir public_html

At the end of httpd.conf I added the following to set the permissions/access to the user directories:

<Directory /home/*/public_html>
AllowOverride FileInfo
# AuthConfig Limit
Options MultiViews Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch ExecCGI Includes

I get the following error in the logs
[Mon Aug 18 16:50:34 2003] [error] [client] File does not exist: /var/www/html/~user

I tried looking at my old httpd.conf from an old rh7 install and I can't figure out what is wrong.

Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance.

js_530 08-18-2003 06:23 PM

Search the httpd config file for "~user" and tell me what you get. ("cat | grep ~user")

lsgko 08-18-2003 06:34 PM

~user was just the user that I setup an account for. There is no specific entry for ~user or user.

The thing that is supposed to give access to all ~user directories is the <Directory> tag in the first post.

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