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quick1234 05-26-2006 09:37 PM

DVDXpress USB Video Capture is not working.
I am very new to linux but i was wondering if anyone could help me get this to work. It is a usb device that takes audio channels (left and right) and the video channel (yellow cord) and they all plugin to the box. Then the box has a USB adapter that i plug into my usb port.

When i do a dmesg i get:
usb 4-4: new high speed USB device using address 6

what im wondering is how do i find the correct device in /dev and then capture the stream?

Thanks a million!

:) Chris

soulxcavtor 05-28-2006 12:22 PM

Not sure about this... Does it says its Compatibile with Linux? Does it come with software? If it does come with software and is not compatible with Linux, I would recommend download and using wine to install the software that came with your DVDExpress. Install wine then Install your software for DVD Express and It should work just like it does in Windows....

Good Luck

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